19-06-01 CZE SWE Martin Klemsa finished the Stockholm marathon in 4:00:26.

17-04-16 CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Brno half-marathon in 1:56:36.

16-11-12 CZE CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Tollymore Trail Half-marathon in 2:04:50.

16-10-30 CZE CZE Martin Klemsa finished the SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon in 4:31:20.

News archive

15-06-06 CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Silva Nortica half-marathon in 2:09:39.

15-04-18 CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Brno half-marathon in 2:08.

14-09-27 CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Ostrava marathon in 4:38.

14-06-01 GER POL Martin Klemsa finished the Gorlitz-Zgorzelec marathon in 4:57:18.

14-04-19 CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Brno half-marathon in 2:10:26.

13-09-15 AUT Martin Klemsa finished the Wachau half-marathon in 2:28:02.

13-08-15 CZE HEART Zuzka Hejnová won the 400m hurdles at the Moscow IAAF World Championship! Breathtaking performance!

13-08-11 POL At the EGC 2013 Main Tournament in Olsztyn Martin Klemsa repeated the weekend 3-2 record. Karel Vaigl had kachikoshi too and was promoted to 11 kyu. Congratulations!

13-08-05 POL At the EGC 2013 Weekend Tournament in Olsztyn Martin Klemsa achieved a solid 3-2 record. Congratulations to Karel Vaigl who'll be moving up the ranks after notching an impressive 4-1!

12-08-09 CZE HEART Bára Špotáková defended her olympic title in javelin!!! And made it look easy. Big cheers!

12-08-08 CZE HEART Zuzka Hejnová took the olympics bronze medal in the 400m hurdles in London! Amazing performace, keep it up!

12-08-04 GER Jessica Ennis won the heptathlon olympic gold in London! Congratulations!

12-08-04 GER At the second week of the EGC 2012 Main Tournament in Bonn Martin Klemsa achieved another disappointing 2-3 makekoshi record and will be moving down the ranks.

12-07-29 GER At the EGC 2012 Weekend Tournament in Bonn Martin Klemsa achieved a mediocre makekoshi 2-3 record.

12-02-26 HEART Kometa Brno made the first playoffs in 25 years! Let's go Kometa!

11-03-06 IRL At the Irish Open Go Tournament 2011 Martin Klemsa returned back to his usual business and achieved an ozeki-like 4-1 record, beating Class Roever in the last round.

10-10-03 CZE ZAB HEART Baby byly druhé na MS v basketbalu 2010!!!

10-09-24 IRL At the Belfast Go Tournament 2010, Martin Klemsa achieved a 2-3 record, having been for the first time in his career above bar, fighting for overall victory!

10-03-12 webmaster looking for a job!

10-03-09 IRL At the Irish Open Go Tournament 2010 Martin Klemsa achieved a 2-1 result.

09-05-18 And the Celtics are out as well, having lost home game 7 to the Magic.

09-05-15 In the meantime, Orlando Magic forced game 7 in the series with the Boston Celtics.

09-05-15 The Bruins fell to the Hurricanes in overtime of Game 7. The wait for the Cup continues...

09-04-23 HEART Boston Bruins swept away Montreal Canadiens 4-0 in round 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

09-03-22 At the Irish Open Go Tournament 2009 Erestor achieved a 3-1 result.

09-03-21 Game 6: Kometa - Ústí 1:2ot, Ústí won series 4-2.

09-03-19 Game 5: Ústí - Kometa 3:1, Ústí leads series 3-2.

09-03-17 HEART Game 4: Kometa - Ústí 3:1, series tied 2-2.

09-03-16 HEART Game 3: Kometa - Ústí 5:1, Ústí leads series 2-1.

09-03-14 Game 2: Ústí - Kometa 3:1, Ústí leads series 2-0.

09-03-13 Czech I. hokey league playoffs finals, game 1: Ústí - Kometa 5:3, Ústí leads series 1-0.

09-03-08 HEART Game 7: Kometa - Chomutov 3:0, Kometa advanced to the finals.

09-03-08 HEART Game 6: Chomutov - Kometa 1:2ps, series tied 3-3.

09-03-08 The anticipation is immense here in Brno, facing away Game 6 of the I. ice-hockey league semifinals against Chomutov. The last do-or-die game Kometa played being 3-2 down in the series came out brilliantly against Boleslav last year, but that was in front of the home crowd...

09-03-06 Game 5: Kometa - Chomutov 1:4, Chomutov leads series 3-2.

09-03-03 HEART Game 4: Chomutov - Kometa 2:6, series tied 2-2.

09-03-03 POL Added Polish flag, specially for Justyna.

09-03-02 Game 3: Chomutov - Kometa 5:1, Chomutov leads series 2-1.

09-03-01 CZE FIN NOR The FIS Nordic Ski World Championships in Liberec, Czech republic are now over, Aino Kaisa Saarinen of Finland and Peter Northug of Norway became the most successful athletes, each winning three gold medals. But Justyna Kowalczyk and Todd Lodwick were impressive indeed as well! Looking forward to seeing you in Norway at Holmenkollen, Oslo 2011!

09-02-27 HEART Game 2: Kometa - Chomutov 4:2, series tied 1-1.

09-02-26 Czech I. hokey league playoffs semifinals, game 1: Kometa - Chomutov 1:2ot, Chomutov leads series 1-0.

09-02-19 FIN ITA POL Aino Kaisa Saarinen of Finland won the 10km classic race at Skiing World Championships in Liberec. Marianna Longa and Justyna Kowalczyk took the other podium spots, Virpi Kuitunen was 4th. Kristin Steira was the best Norwegian at 6th.

09-02-16 HEART Game 4: Olomouc - Kometa 2:3 (penalty shots), Kometa won 4-0 and advance to the semifinals.

09-02-15 HEART Game 3: Olomouc - Kometa 2:4, Kometa leads 3-0.

09-02-12 HEART Game 2: Kometa - Olomouc 3:1, Kometa leads 2-0.

09-02-11 HEART Czech I. hockey league playoffs quarterfinals, game 1: Kometa - Olomouc 4:1, Kometa leads 1-0 in best of seven series.

09-01-24 FIN ITA FIN Laura Lepistö is the new European figure skating champion, Carolina Kostner took silver and Susanna Pöykiö was third in the ladies' competition in Helsinki.

09-01-04 FIN Virpi Kuitunen of Finland won Tour de Ski for the second time in her career, ahead of compatriot Aino Kaisa Saarinen.

09-01-01 wishes everyone a great year 2009!

08-12-20 CZE Soňa Tolarová finished ninth in Slavic Cup classic 5km race in Horní Mísečky. Kamila Rajdlová has won and Eva Skalníková took the second with almost half a minute gap.

08-12-08 CZE Gop has got a job!

08-12-07 CZE Soňa Tolarová finished sixth in FIS classic sprint in Oberwiesenthal.

08-12-06 CZE Soňa Tolarová finished 18th in FIS 6.6km skate race in Oberwiesenthal.

08-12-06 NOR FIN NOR Kristin Steira won the ladies' 15km free skate in La Clusaz ahead of world cup leader Aino Kaisa Saarinen and Therese Johaug. Virpi Kuitunen took 9th and Charlotte Kalla 11th spot.

08-11-30 FIN FIN NOR Welcome to the new season of FIS cross-country skiing world cup news! Ladies' 10km classic in Kuusamo was taken by Aino Kaisa Saarinen ahead of Virpi Kuitunen and Marit Bjørgen. Vibeke finished 7th, Evi 8th and Pirjo took the 10th spot.

08-11-28 Ing. Jan Šunka, MBA, dostavěl multiplex v Pardubicích. Přejeme mu zasloužený odpočinek!

08-11-26 JAP Yokozuna Hakuho won the 2008 November Sumo Grand Tournament with 13-2 record, beating sekiwake Ama (13-2) in the playoffs. Ama was promoted to ozeki and changed his ring name to Harumafuji shortly after the tournament.

08-09-05 Gop leaves for Ireland.

08-09-02 HEART Kometa vyhrála Tipsport Cup!!!

08-07-27 ESP Carlos Sastre of Spain won the Tour de France 2008. He gained the decisive time advantage in the climb to L'Alp d'Huez and held on to the lead in the final time-trial.

08-07-26 The European Go Congress 2008 in Leksand, Sweden, has begun, main tournament starts tomorrow at 10. Be sure to follow the latest news here on

08-07-06 ESP Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in a classic, stunning Wimbledon final battle 6:4, 6:4, 6:7, 6:7, 9:7 to take the throne from the five-time winner.

08-06-17 USA HEART NBA finals, Game 6: Boston Celtics - Los Angeles Lakers 131:92, Celtics won series 4-2! Boston Celtics are the world basketball champions for the 17th time, after 21 years.

08-06-15 USA NBA finals, Game 5: Los Angeles Lakers - Boston Celtics 103:98, Celtics lead series 3-2.

08-06-13 CZE Women's basketball olympic qualification: Czech republic - Japan 76:64, the Czech team has qualified for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, led by unstoppable Evža Vítečková who scored 26 points including 6 of 10 three-pointers.

08-06-12 USA HEART NBA finals, Game 4: Los Angeles Lakers - Boston Celtics 91:97, led by Paul Pierce and Ray Allen Celtics overcame a 24-point deficit to notch a crucial third win, lead series 3-1.
Watch the hilites...

08-06-11 CZE Women's basketball olympic qualification: Czech republic - Angola 86:54.

08-06-10 USA NBA finals, Game 3: Los Angeles Lakers - Boston Celtics 87:81, Celtics lead series 2-1.

08-06-09 CZE Women's basketball olympic qualification: Czech republic - Argentina 77:55.

08-06-08 USA HEART NBA finals, Game 2: Boston Celtics - Los Angeles Lakers 108:102, Celtics lead series 2-0.

08-06-06 Narodila se Berta Šunková.

08-06-05 USA HEART NBA finals, Game 1: Boston Celtics - Los Angeles Lakers 98:88, Celtics lead series 1-0.

08-05-25 JAP Ozeki Kotooshu showed a stylish comeback from being kadoban (danger of demotion) and became the first European-born rikishi to lift the Emperor's Cup after stunning both yokozunas and winning May Grand Sumo Tournament with a near-perfect 14-1 mark. Both mongolian big guns finished way behind at 11-4.

08-05-21 Manchester United are 2008 UEFA Champions League winners after beating Chelsea 2:1 after penalties in the Moscow final.

08-04-30 IRL HEART Miss Deirdre Tunney is alive. We were beginning to worry.

08-04-28 CZE SWE Old Baťůžek leaves for Göteborg to spend the next seven months on a ship sailing the north seas.

08-04-20 USA The Boston Bruins forced Game 7 with a 5-4 win against Montreal. Series tied at 3-3. Yay!

08-04-18 ZAB Žabiny - Trutnov 92:72. Incredible scoring percentage in the first half gave Trutnov 47-51 lead to the third quarter, but the Brno machine left noone in doubt of the czech women basketball league semifinal clean sweep. We await the first final game with USK Praha on Monday, at Rosnička.

08-04-16 It's Irena's name day.

08-04-10 USA The Boston Bruins lost game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs round 1 in Montreal, ending up outscored by the Canadiens in every period for 4-1 final (2-1, 1-0, 1-0).

08-03-22 CZE Kometa Brno lost the away game 7 in the series with Boleslav 2-1 in overtime and is out of this year's 1. league play-offs, once again having failed to advance to the Czech premier ice hockey league.

08-03-22 CAN Jeffrey Buttle is the Figure Skating World Champion for 2008. Tomáš Verner blew his chances even worse than Kiira and after completing just three triple jumps he dropped to 15th spot.

08-03-22 Tapír cancelled his participation in Prague half-marathon and Copenhagen marathon due to ongoing health troubles.

08-03-21 CZE Tomáš Verner is fourth after short program at the Ice skating world championships in Göteborg. His performance was enchanting and precise, but lacked a bit of technical difficulty to clinch the lead before tomorrow's free skating.

08-03-20 JAP ITA KOR Mao Asada of Japan is the world figure skating champion for 2008, narrowly edging the Euro champion Carolina Kostner by 0.88 points in the Göteborg competition. Korean talent Yu-Na Kim finished third. Sarah Meier of Switzerland took 6th place, lovely Kiira Korpi all but blew the free skating and fell down to 9th spot, just behind another Finnish girl Laura Lepistö.

08-03-20 CZE Kometa Brno brushed away Mladá Boleslav with a home 6-1 win to force Game 7 in Boleslav on Saturday with the series tied 3:3.

08-03-19 SWE Swedish heptathlon queen Carolina Klüft will no longer compete in heptathlon due to loss of motivation. Carolina will focus on long and triple jumps.

08-03-19 GBR Sir A.C. Clarke died at the age of 90. R.I.P.

08-03-18 CZE Mladá Boleslav is up and running again as they smashed Kometa Brno's hopes of away win with a 6-3 sweep and lead 3:2 as the series return to Brno on Thursday for Game 6.

08-03-18 FIN The flying Finn Janne Ahonen might end his career, says his coach Ari Saukko.

08-03-16 CZE ZAB Žabiny won the Czech Cup for 13th time in a row, defeating USK in the finals 93-74. More by Věra...

08-03-15 CZE Kometa Brno dominated Mladá Boleslav shutting out the visitors for 6 consecutive periods at home to win the second match 3-0 and leave the series tied at 2:2 while both teams travel to Boleslav on Tuesday.

08-03-14 CZE Kometa Brno beat Mladá Boleslav to the very ground 4-0 at home in Game 3 of the 1.liga play-offs semifinals, narrowing the best-of-7 series to 1:2. Next game is played tomorrow in Brno.

08-03-07 ZAB Having beaten Valencia, Žabiny will host the Final Four of the Euro League Women 2008!

08-03-02 IRL CZE Irish Go Tournament 2008 saw Czech colors flying with Ondřej Šilt taking the second spot behind undefeated Cho Seok-Bin and Martin Klemsa finishing with an impressive 4-1 record.

08-02-13 ZAB Žabiny - Mizo Pécs 84:45. Žabiny sailed into the last eight in Europe in great style, never giving the hungry Hungarians the slightest glimmer of hope.

08-02-09 ZAB Mizo Pécs - Žabiny 58:55. Žabiny lost the momentum and all is set up for a series tie-breaker in Brno

08-02-05 ZAB Žabiny - Mizo Pécs 71:67. Zuzka Žirková and Eva Vítečková saved what was more a battle than a basketball match in the last quarter, scoring important points to support game's top scorer, excellent Iva Večeřová, and lead Žabiny to victory in the first game of this year's Euroleague playoffs.

08-02-03 Topolánek jel po dálnici jako prase a zkuste mi to vymluvit! Praha - Kavčí hory 13:02, Brno - Výstaviště 14:20. Všichni jsou stejní. Svatba nebo tenis, to je jedno. Spěch je spěch, vyhláška pro ně neplatí, že? Teď už jsem se teda ale fakt nas*al. Pokáráš řidiče, nebo's spal?!

08-01-26 FIN HEART Finnish beauty Kiira Korpi who was in the lead after the short program failed to impress the judges (but not us) and finished at disappointing 5th spot. Cheer up, Kiira, world champs in Göteborg will see better.

08-01-26 ITA SWI FIN Carolina Kostner defended the euro title in the ladies' competition at Zagreb figure skating championship, ahead of Sarah Meier of Switzerland and Finnish champion Laura Lepistö.

08-01-25 CZE Tomáš Verner is the figure skating european champion for 2008!

08-01-17 ZAB Led by Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird in top form, Spartak Moscow stole a victory with an excellent second half performance at Rosnička. Žabiny - Spartak 77:85.

08-01-13 The new turn based go server - Erestor's Kato Memorial Go Server - has been launched for testing phase. Please feel free to register and play some games of go, baduk or wei-qi.

08-01-10 CZE Ing. Jan Šunka finished the Tiberias Marathon in Israel in 4 hours and 37 minutes.

08-01-07 HEART SWE HEART Kajsa Bergqvist, fenomenal Swedish high-jumper, announced the end of her career. (But what will Yannick do now? Just kidding, congratulations on the marriage!)

08-01-06 CZE SWE FIN Lukáš Bauer of the Czech republic and Charlotte Kalla of Sweden are today's heroes as they won this year's Tour de Ski competition, the toughest multi-stage cross-country skiing race ever held. Finn Janne Ahonen became a legend as he won the Four Hills ski jumping tour for the fifth time as the only man in history.

08-01-04 HUN Diana Köszegi, a Hungarian go player, has been promoted to 1p (1st professional dan) by the Korean Baduk Association, becoming the second European lady to achieve this feat, after Svetlana Shikshina, who has at the same day been promoted to 3p. Congratulations!

08-01-04 SWE RUS POL Swedish favorite Charlotte Kalla won Tour de Ski stage 6 - sprint in Asiago - ahead of Natalia Korosteleva of Russia and Justyna Kowaczyk of Poland.

08-01-03 EXCL Top forward and crowd-pleaser David Appel was traded from HC Kometa Brno to HC Beroun for goalie Kamil Jarina.

08-01-02 CZE FIN Lukáš Bauer was unstoppable again today as he achieved another victory in stage 5 of the Tour de Ski, increasing his overall lead. Aino Kaisa Saarinen and Virpi Kuitunen of Finland took first and second places in the ladies' race, followed by young Norwegian Therese Johaug.

08-01-01 CZE CZE SWE Czech day at Tour de Ski in Nové Město na Moravě saw Lukáš Bauer take the first place and Martin Koukal the second in stage 4 as well as overall. Charlotte Kalla of Sweden won the Ladies' race ahead of Arianna Follis and Justyna Kowalczyk. Photos...

07-12-19 ZAB Žabiny - USVO 86:62. Scintillating.

07-11-21 ZAB Žabiny - Košice 85:68. Incredible Evža Vítečková led Brno to another victory in Basket EuroLeague Women, staying 4/4 in 2pt and 4/5 in 3pt field goals to sink in 20 points.

07-11-16 HEART Sandra Le Dréan led the scorers with 16 points and added five rebounds and one steal in a USK Praha win over Bourges 60-51 in Basket EuroLeague Women. More...

07-11-09 HEART HEART Winona Ryder will play Spock's mother in the newest addition to the Star Trek movies family. More...

07-11-07 ZAB Žabiny - Gdynia 85:72. A storm in the last quarter with a 15-0 streak secured home-side victory in this year's Euroleague Women.

07-10-29 HEART It's Winona Ryder's birthday.

07-10-20 RSA vs. ENG South Africa claimed the Rugby World Cup with 15:6 win over England.

07-10-13 ENG vs. FRA Johnny Wilkinson - Sebastien Chabal 1:0, England - France 14:9, England are through to RWC 2007 finals after two late kicks by JW that spinned the score from 8:9 to 14:9.

07-10-07 RUS Russia took the Euro Basket Women 2007 title after holding off Spain 74:68. Congratulations!

07-10-07 CZE Good news! Czechs didn't forget how to play basketball, and brushed aside Lithuania 93:54 to secure spot in pre-olympic qualifiers.

07-10-07 RSA ARG South Africa and Argentina will hold the second semi-final battle at the RWC 2007, having overpowered Fiji and Scotland respectively in the 1/4-finals.

07-10-07 CZE Panda became a real legend today, completing Košice Marathon in 3:45:51, which smashed his old personal best by almost 20 minutes.

07-10-06 ENG FRA England and France delivered what can only be classified as shock defeats to Australia and New Zealand respectively in the 1/4-finals of the RWC 2007 and will face each other in the semis.

07-10-04 CZE Czechs forgot how to play basketball and probably forgot who the defending champions were, and lost after frightening and frightened rookie-like performance to Euro Basket newcomers Belarus. Earlier in the day France took a shock defeat from Latvia.

07-10-03FRA Sandra Le Dréan scored 8 points in a win against Serbia 68-60 which puts the French side through to quarter-finals against Latvia. The other line-ups are Russia - Lithuania, Spain - Belgium and Czech rep. - Belarus.

07-10-02 CZE The Czech girls were able to get another hard-fought win, this one against Belgium 72-70, and won the eigth-final group in hope of easier opponent for the quarter-final match at Euro Basket Women 2007. Eva Vítečková led the scorers with 22 points.

07-09-30 CZE Czech team rebounded from an upset to Germany and pulled an unconvincing 75-67 win against Lithuania and will advance to the play-offs at Euro Basket Women 2007.

07-09-30 IRL Ireland are out of RWC 2007 after a 15-30 loss to Argentina that secured place in the play-offs against Scotland.

07-09-29 SCO Scotland beat Italy 18-16 thanks to Chris Paterson's kicks to secure place in quarter-finals at RWC 2007.

07-09-29 FRA France continued steady performance with a 72-60 win over Belarus at Euro Basket. Sandra scored 4 points.

07-09-28 ENG England beat Tonga 36-20 at RWC 2007 for a quarter-final match against Australia.

07-09-28 CZE The title defenders stumbled with a 47-54 upset loss to Germany in eigth-final group at Euro Basket. Czechs couldn't beat the precise German defence and were on the shorter side throughout the game.

07-09-26 CZE Czech girls ran over Latvia 70-44 to secure first place in their qualifying group at Euro Basket. Earlier, France beat Italy 64-48, Sandra scoring 10 points.

07-09-26 CZE Czech side was not strong enough to hold off Netherlands and lost 0:3 at Euro Volleyball Women 2007, dissipating semi-final dreams.

07-09-25 Pubs section added to polls.

07-09-25 CZE Belgium with their serve were too much for Czech volleyball team that lost 1:3 and the girls all but buried the tiny hopes of getting to the semis at their first Euro in four years.

07-09-25 CZE Czechs disposed of Turkey 86-62 to secure advancing in Euro Basket 2007.
Elsewhere, Russia beat France 63-59, Sandra notched in 9 points.

07-09-24 CZE Czech girls, title defenders, handled the opener of the Euro Basketball Championships 2007 in Italy well, disposing of Israel 75-34.
Sandra Le Dréan scored 9 points and 8 rebs in 58-50 France win over Greece.

07-09-22 IRL Ireland lost to France 3-25 at RWC 2007 and will have to beat Argentina to have hopes of advancing into play-offs.

07-09-16 RUS Russians beat Spain 60:59 to win their first European basketball championship in 20 years.

07-09-16 SCO Colin McRae, legendary Scottish rallye driver, 39, died in a helicopter crash, together with 3 more people, including his five-year-old son.

07-09-15 IRL Ireland beat Georgia unconvincingly 14-10 in Pool D of the Rugby World Cup.

07-09-14 It's Radka's name day.

07-09-13 The Brno go tournament upset cost me 51 points for a new total of 1690 and 62nd place in Czech go rating.

07-09-11 SWE Kajsa Bergqvist decided to call it a season and will not be jumping in Brussels and Berlin, the remaining Golden League events.

07-09-09 IRL Ireland beat Namibia 32-17 in their opener at the Rugby World Cup. The Scots, the Welsh and the South Africans also won their starters against Portugal, Canada and Samoa respectively.

07-09-07 Argentina stun hosting France 17-12 in the opening match of Rugby World Cup.

07-09-07 CZE The Beneš bros. won the Sony Ericsson Beach Volleyball Cup in Prague.

07-09-06 ITA The legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti died at the age of 71.

07-09-06 CZE Czech men's team is out of this year's European basketball championships, having lost all three matches in their group, the last to Turkey 72:80.

07-09-02 At Brno go tournament, I was unable to keep the Villach spirit and finished with a disappointing 2-4 result, and worst of all 4 kyus, which will see me going down the ranks a bit.

07-08-31 CZE Bára Špotáková and Roman Šebrle became world champions in javelin and decathlon respectively to put Czech republic to the sixth place among all countries at Osaka Athletics World Championships 2007.

07-08-28 CZE Kačka Baďurová was absolutely fantastic and took silver medal at Osaka World Championships, setting new national record to 4.75 in pole vault! Only the invincible Yelena Isinbayeva of Russia beat her with 4.80.

07-08-26 HEART SWE GBR Kelly Sotherton finished third in Osaka 2007 with 6510 points, gold and new european record goes to Carolina Klüft (7032) and silver to Lyudmila Blonska (6832).

07-08-26 New photos added, Villach report moved to go section.

07-08-25 Osaka 2007 heptathlon competition begins.

07-08-13 JAP Yokozuna Asashoryu was ruled out of the next two tournaments for taking part in charity soccer match after sending a medical report to Japan Sumo Association that allowed him to sit out of the now ongoing summer regional tour.

07-08-03 7 wins at the European Go Congress in Villach earned me 165 points in european ranking, leaving me at 1741 (4k) and 54th place in Czech republic.

07-07-23 JAP Yokozuna Asashoryu seized the summer tourney with 14 wins. Sekiwake Kotomitsuki finished the runner-up with 13, securing promotion to sumo's second highest rank of ozeki.

07-05-28 JAP Ozeki Hakuho has won the May Grand Sumo Tournament at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan with a perfect 15-0 record and practically secured his promotion to sumo's highest rank yokozuna. Ozeki Tochiazuma retired prior to the tourney.

07-05-14 CAN > FIN The Finns were a step short of getting the world crown again at this year's Ice Hockey World Championship, falling 2:4 to Canada in the final.

07-05-10 RUS > CZE Czech republic is out of this year's Ice Hockey World Championship having lost to magnificent Russians 4:0. The Czechs never gained momentum and were on the weak side since Russia's early first period lead, extended by a clean three goal sweep in the third.

07-04-16 HEART Once again, it's Irena's name day.

07-04-10 Manchester United put up a fine display in brushing away AS Roma 7:1 in Champions League quarterfinals leg 2 and 8-3 on aggregate, led by Ryan Giggs who assisted on four of the goals.

07-03-25 JAP Ozeki Hakuho has won the March Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka with 13-2 record, beating the lone yokozuna Asashoryu (13-2) in the play-off. Another ozeki Chiyotaikai will be kadoban (in danger of demotion) in the next tournament, having posted only 7-8 record.

07-03-24 NOR CZE NOR Katka Neumannová finished second in her very last race of the career, losing in the homestretch to Marit Bjørgen of Norway. Therese Johaug finished third. Thanks for everything, Katka, and good luck.

07-03-11 Erestor, 4 kyu, had a good start at Irish Open Go Tournament in Dublin, beating Joerg Abendroth, 3 kyu, in the opener, but lost momentum in byoyomi mistake loss to Tiberiu Gociu, 2 kyu, in the second game. He never bounced back and finished with an unimpressive 1-4 result.

07-03-04 NOR NOR GER Odd-Björn Hjelmeset is the world champion in skiing marathon - 50km mass start race. His Norwegian countryman Frode Estil came in second, Jens Filbrich of Germany took bronze. Lukáš Bauer finished at unlucky fifth after being very active in the race and only losing ground in the last kilometer.

07-03-03 FIN NOR NOR Virpi Kuitunen of Finland won the 30km mass start race in Sapporo, finishing a golden hat-trick and taking undisputable crown for the queen of the championship. Kristin Steira took lifetime-best silver for Norway that has bronze as well, courtesy of young Therese Johaug. Aino Kaisa Saarinen confirmed the nordic domination by the fourth spot. Kamila Rajdlová took fantastic 11th spot for "Katka-less" Czech republic, Iva Janečková supported well at 21st, giving us all hope of good times still continuing. Sara Lindborg was the best Swede at 16th. Marit Bjørgen was 9th, Evi Sachenbacher 10th, Ishida Masako 13th, Britta Norgren 32nd.

07-03-01 FIN GER NOR Finnish girls have taken ladies' relay in Sapporo in a big way, led by excellent Virpi Kuitunen right to the finish by solid Pirjo Manninen. Germans can thank flying Evi Sachenbacher for the silver medal, which she took from Jacobsen of Norway in the last meters of the race. Swedes finished fourth after major contribution from Charlotte Kalla and Katka Neumannová brought in Czech squad in the fifth spot, just 44 second behind the victorious Finns.

07-02-27 CZE RUS ITA Katka Neumannová won the 10km free skate in Sapporo, leading from the very start and building comfortable margin towards the finish. She returned the defeat to Olga Savialova of Russia who came in second. Arianna Follis took surprising bronze for Italy.

07-02-25 RUS CZE NOR Katka Neumannová took silver medal in skiatlon at WC in Sapporo, beaten only by victorious Olga Savialova of Russia. Pony-tail norwegian Kristin Steira came in third, denying lovely Evi Sachenbacher of a podium place.

07-02-23 ZAB Gambrinus Brno - Spartak Moscow 63:81. Apart from excellent Deanna Nolan, Žabiny looked like schoolgirls against the precise Russian team.

07-02-23 FIN GER NOR Virpi Kuitunen brought Finnish team first across the line to win the ladies' event together with Riita Liisa Roponen. Evi Sachenbacher and Claudia Kuenzel took silver for Germany and Marit Bjørgen with Astrid Jacobsen closed up the podium places. Sweden's Lina Andersson and Britta Norgren finished fourth.

07-02-23 ITA RUS CZE Milan Šperl and Dušan Kožíšek took sensational bronze in the team sprint race at the WC in Sapporo, being beaten only by prevailing Italians and runners-up from Russia.

07-02-22 NOR SWE NOR Jens Arne Svartedal took men's sprint to complete Norway's early double gold, Swede Mats Larsson and another Norwegian Eldar Roenning were the runner-ups.

07-02-22 NOR SLO FIN Astrid Jacobsen from Norway won the ladies' sprint, the first event at the 2007 Cross-country skiing World Championship in Sapporo, followed by Petra Majdic and Virpi Kuitunuen.

07-02-20 zabiny Spartak Moskva - Žabiny 58:73. Žabiny showed the rest of the world (including USK Praha) who is the best team in Europe, taking early lead in the series that can be decided on Friday in Brno's legendary hall Rosnička. Unstoppable Evča Vítečková was on the roll having scored incredible 33 points! Nolan supported well with 17 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists.

07-02-16 CZE AUT SWE Šárka Záhrobská won the 2007 slalom world championship race in Aare, Sweden, beating austrian Marlies Schild and home favorite Anja Pärson.

07-02-12 celebrated the 2nd birthday!

07-02-10 zabiny USK Praha - Žabiny 79:81 OT. Žabiny lost to USK which seemed impossible for many years. Congratulations to USK girls, especially Sandra Le Dréan who scored 18 points in the win.

07-02-07 zabiny Žabiny - Mizo Pécs 67:48. Žabiny advance to Euroleague quarterfinals. sadly announces that an Irish flag (the colors of which surprisingly match Žabiny's team) was lost to some Hungarian fans in a prank that was worth it.

07-01-30 zabiny Žabiny - Mizo Pécs 80:47.

06-12-07 zabiny Žabiny - Jekaterinburg 64:45. The Russians never had a chance after furious entrance of the Frogs that won the first quarter 35:17.

06-12-02 Mr. Basil Poledouris, composer of the legendary Conan the Barbarian music, has passed away at the age of 61. Please visit his official website.

06-11-21 czech 2006 Volleyball World Championship, Nagano: Czech republic - Venezuela 3:0. The Czechs dominated the game led by blocker Martin Lébl to keep the hopes of advancing in the tournament alive.

06-11-10 zabiny Žabiny - Valencia 69:63. The reigning ladies' euroleague champions disposed of Valencia in the first home game this year and got on the right track for defending the title after a stumble in Jekaterinburg last week.


06-11-07 The largest Winona fansite announced closing by the end of 2006.

06-10-29 heart It's Winona Ryder's 35th birthday. Happy birthday!

06-10-15 GER A few photos from the fantastic Blind Guardian performance in Trenčín, Slovakia.

06-10-12 IRL CZE Euro 2008 qualifier: Rep. of Ireland - Czech Republic 1:1.

06-10-05 Whist 8.1.8 is out.

06-09-21 Led by Lauren Jackson and Penny Taylor the Australian women seized the world basketball title for the first time after defeating Russia in the finals. The Czech team finished at unamazing seventh spot, behind France and Lithuania. The Americans went third and home Brazilians fourth.

06-09-17 CZE Czech national basketball team beat Russia 85:83 to secure a place in the World Championship quarterfinals!

06-08-28 Last 10 days remaining of Erestor's abroad mission.

06-08-03 Evča Němcová is expecting a child with her young husband.

06-08-01 Erestor goes on permanent holiday.

06-07-20 ZABINY Sophia Young is the new Žabiny player to replace DeLisha Milton-Jones for the upcoming season.

06-06-20 Carolina Hurricanes (former Hartford Whalers) won the Stanley Cup finals game 7 over the Edmonton Oilers 3:1 and became the 2006 champions.
Glen Wesley, Ray Bourque's mate from Boston Bruins of old, lifted the Cup over his head for the first time in his long career, together with his captain Rod Brind'Amour.

06-05-25 ZABINY DeLisha Milton-Jones leaves Žabiny for Valencia...

06-05-22 SVERIGE The Swedes are the ice hockey world champions for 2006 after beating the Czechs 4:0 in the finals and having completed the first olympic-worldcup double in history.

06-05-18 CZECH FINLAND SVERIGE CANADA Ice Hockey World Championship Semifinal Line-ups: Czech Republic - Finland, Sweden - Canada

06-05-15 FRANCE French ladies' basketball playoffs semifinals: Valenciennes - Tarbes 82:46. L'USVO en finale! Le Dréan scored 8 points.

06-05-13 HEART Scottish Tennet Cup Finals: Heart of Midlothian - Gretna 1:1, penalties 4:2. Hearts won the cup!!! H.E.A.R.T.S. if you cannae spell it then here's what it says: Hearts! Hearts! Glorious Hearts! It's down the Tynecastle they bide, the talk of the tune are the boys in maroon and old reekie supports them with pride.

06-05-04 FRANCE French ladies' basketball playoffs quarterfinals 2nd leg: USVO Valenciennes - Mourenx 83:73. Sandra Le Dréan scored 12 points.

06-04-30 FRANCE French ladies' basketball playoffs quarterfinals 1st leg: Mourenx - USVO Valenciennes 47:83.

06-04-30 HEART Hearts - Celtic 3:0!!!

06-04-28 HEART After clinching the basketball title, another Brno girls' team, Královo Pole Brno, seized a republic trophy winning the Czech volleyball league! More...

06-04-22 ZABINY Guard Darina Johnová from Trutnov will join Žabiny for the next season.

06-04-21 ZABINY Milan Veverka, Bobr's assistant, leaves Žabiny to try his fotunes as head coach of Jekaterinburg.

06-04-20 ZABINY Žabiny - USK Praha 83:59, Žabiny are the Czech league winners for 11th time in a row, unbeaten in 240 consecutive matches.

06-04-18 FRANCE HEART French basketball guru Sandra Le Dréan leaves USVO Valenciennes... for USK Praha. More...

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06-04-18 ZABINY USK Praha - Gambrinus Brno 53:91 (30:44)

06-04-16 It's Irena's namesday.

06-04-16 Šuny returns from Rome.

06-04-15 It's been a year since Erestor left for Dublin.

06-03-30 Šuny leaves for Rome.

06-04-02 ZABINY ZABINY ZABINY ZABINY Žabiny won the Euroleague Final Four 2006!

06-03-30 ZABINY Erestor's going home for the Final four, should be good craic!

06-03-27 Polish sci-fi writer Stanislaw Lem died at the age of 84. R.I.P.

06-03-26 SWE Curling world championship women finals: Sweden - USA 10:9, Swedes are the 2006 world champions!

06-03-12 Erestor finished the Irish Open with an incredible 4-1 record, after miraculously defeating Claas Roever (2k) and Alan Held (4k) in the second day of the tournament.

06-03-11 Erestor, 5-kyu, has a solid 2-1 record after the first day of the Irish Open Go Tournament in Dublin. The second point came from a win over a 4-kyu player, which is the career's most valuable win so far.

06-03-08 HEART Evi Sachenbacher won today's skiatlon in Falun, ahead of Katka Neumannová and Beckie Scott of Canada. Kristin Steira was 10th.

06-03-04 Video section added.

06-03-01 ZABINY Bourges - Žabiny 69:70. Žabinyyyyyyy won the all-important third game of the euroleague quarterfinals and ARE IN THE FINAL FOUR!!!

06-02-26 SWEDEN The Swedes captured the ice hockey olympic gold, having beaten the Finns 3:2 in the finals.

06-02-23 NIHON SHIZUKA ARAKAWA is the ladies' figure skating olympic champion! Having beaten Sasha Cohen and Irina Slutskaya in the free skate! Susanna Pöykiö of Finland was 13th, Sarah Meier of Switzerland 8th, Fumie Suguri 4th, Miki Ando 15th and Kiira Korpi 16th.

06-02-23 SWEDEN Ladies curling finals: Sweden - Switzerland 7:6, Swedes get premier olympic gold.

06-02-22 SWEDEN FIN Curling finals line-ups: Ladies: Sweden - Switzerland, Gentlemen: Finland - Canada.

06-02-22 CZECH RUSSIA Olympic ice hockey quarterfinals: Czech Republic - Slovakia 3:1, Russia - Canada 2:0. Semifinals: Czech Republic - Sweden, Russia - Finland.

06-02-22 SWEDEN FIN Olympic ice hockey quarterfinals: Sweden - Switzerland 6:2, Finland - USA 4:3.

06-02-22 ZABINY Bourges - Žabiny 59:62. Žabinyyyyyyy won the all-important first leg of the euroleague quarterfinals and can advance with a win on Friday in Brno.

06-02-20 New Picture of the month!

06-02-18 FIN Ice hockey: Finland - Czech Republic 4:2, Slovakia - USA 2:1.

06-02-18 Irish 1st division volleyball: Dublin Volleyball Club - Cork 1:3 (24:26, 26:24, 24:26, 17:25). Ani účast Bembely Martyho nepomohla.

06-02-17 SWEDEN The impossible became reality today as Swedish girls beat USA 3:2 on penalty shots to advance to the women's ice hockey tournament finals!

06-02-17 CZECH Lukáš Bauer finished second in 15km classic race, behind only Veerpalu of Estonia.

06-02-16 RUSSIA Jevgenij Pluscenko won the gold olympic medal in figure skating. His free skate was just perfect.

06-02-16 CZECH Panda (and Tapir maybe) to participate in Prague half-marathon.

06-02-15 CZE FIN Ice hockey: Czech Republic - Germany 4:1, Finland - Switzerland 5:0.

06-02-14 opens a guestbook!

06-02-14 USA Ice Hockey Women: USA - Finland 7:3. Was LIVE on

06-02-14 SWEDEN Thobias Fredriksson with Björn Lind copied their colleagues and won men's team sprint ahead of Norwegians Hetland and Svartedal.

06-02-14 SWEDEN Anna Dahlberg with Lina Andersson clinched the team sprint. Aino Kajsa and Virpi finished 3rd.

06-02-13 SUOMI Curling: Suomi - USA 4:3.

06-02-12 NORWAY SUOMI NORWAY Lars Bystoel won mid-hill ski jumping competition ahead of Matti Hautamäki and Roar Ljoekelsoey. Jakub Janda finished 13th, Janne Ahonen 6th.

06-02-12 NORWAY Frode Estil finished second in men's skiatlon after a fantastic catch-up, Lukáš Bauer was 10th, having led the field for most of the race.

06-02-12 celebrated the 1st birthday! Send congratulations :-).

06-02-12 FRANCE Antoine Deneriaz is the surprise victor of the men's downhill which he seized comfortably, over .7 sec ahead of Michael Walchhofer of Austria and Bruno Kernen of Switzerland. Norwegian wolf Kjetil Andre Aamodt finished 4th, ahead of Miller and Maier.

06-02-12 ESTONIA Kristina Smigun won today's skiatlon ahead of Kateřina Neumannová (zase stříbro...) and Evgenia Medvedeva. Kristin Steira of Norway finished 4th, Riitta Liisa Lassila was the best Finn at 13th, Britta Norgren the best Swede at 15th place.

06-02-11 GERMANY Evi Sachenbacher will miss two opening races (skiatlon & team sprint) due to elevated hemoglobin level.

06-02-11 GERMANY The first two events - men's biathlon and nordic combined were captured by the Germans - Greis and Hettich respectively.

06-02-11 HEART FINLAND HEART Finnish TV YLE broadcasts the Winter Olympic Games 2006 Live from Torino over the internet. Praise the Finns! Irish TV on the other hand ignores the games, as do the Irish.

06-02-09 NetLimiter 2 and Total Commander combination found to cause FTP upload problems. More...

06-02-08 Whist goes open-source!

06-02-05 FINLAND Virpi Kuitunen won classic 10km race in Davos, with Marit Bjørgen and Kateřina Neumannová skipping the race to prepare for the Olympics. Sara Renner of Canada was second, indestructible Hilde Pedersen 6th, Aino Kaisa Saarinen 10th, Elin Ek 11th and Evi Sachenbacher 13th.

06-02-04 SWEDEN Kajsa Bergqvist is the new indoor world record holder in high jump. At a meet in Arnstadt she jumped 208 centimeters, surpassing previous best of German Heike Henkel by one centimeter. Congratulations!

06-02-04 SWEDEN Anna Dahlberg won the ladies' cross-country skiing sprint world cup in Davos. Virpi Kuitunen of Finland was second, Emelie Öhrstig 8th. Björn Lind triumphed in gents' sprint.

06-02-03 ZABINY Mondeville - Žabiny 58:92. Žabiny advance to the quarter-finals where they will play Bourges. "Naše hráčky se dostávaly až nečekaně lehce do střeleckých pozic, některé akce byly jako na tréninku po dokonalém vyšachování soupeřek. V obraně jsme domácí hráčky do střeleckých pozic nepouštěly," dodal Bobrovský.

06-01-31 CZECH At Women's basketball world championship the Czech national team will meet Cuba, France and Taiwan in the starting group.

06-01-31 ZABINY Žabiny - Mondeville 62:44 in the 1st leg of the 1st round of the european basketball women's league play-offs. Thx to LNK for live broadcast.

06-01-31 HEART Sonja Nef to miss Olympic games due to hip injury. More...

06-01-30 Twenty years have passed since the Challenger Space Shuttle tragedy.

06-01-29 FINLAND Matti Hautamäki triumphed in ski jumping world cup in Zakopane, Poland, winning both competitions. Janne Ahonen finished 3rd and 2nd, Jakub Janda 11th and 4th.

06-01-29 JAPAN Ozeki Tochiazuma has won the New Year Basho at Tokyo's Ryogoku Tokugikan, shattering yokozuna Asashoryu's hopes for winning 8th straight Emperor's cup. Sekiwake Hakuho and maegashiras Hokutoriki and Tokitsuumi also gave great performances, securing fighting spirit, technique and outstanding performance awards. Ozeki Kotooshu finished at solid 10-5 record.

06-01-29 HEART Evča Němcová finished her long and fruitful career. wishes her all the best for whatever's coming to her.

06-01-18 ZABINY Bourges - Žabiny 73:67. More...

06-01-18 CZE USK Praha - MiZo Pécs 64:66. More...

06-01-15 FIN Aino Kaisa Saarinen, Virpi Kuitunen, Riita Liisa Lassila and Kaisa Varis won the women's relay 4x5km race in Val di Fiemme. More...

06-01-14 ZAB USK Praha - Žabiny 56:96. Sorry, but USK is no competition AT ALL for ŽABINY!!!

06-01-14 CZE Káča Neumannová won the 15km free cross-country skiing world cup race in Val di Fiemme, Italy, ahead of Julija Tchepalova and Marit Bjørgen. Evi Sachenbacher was 6th, Kaisa Varis 9th, Virpi Kuitunen 10th, Britta Norgren 11th and Iva Janečková 26th.

06-01-12 SETI SETI@home Classic was finally turned off on 15 Dec 2005. For more than six years Erestor has been a part of the big community of ET fans that now continue their search through SETI@home BOINC. Rest in peace, classic. More...

06-01-11 ZAB Žabiny - Jekaterinburg 66:53. Thanks to Cobra & LNK for fantastic live broadcast. Petra Kulichová was Žabiny's best shooooter with 13 points despite the injury at the end. Evča Vítečková who scored 11 points didn't finish the match either, having suffered a twisted ankle.

06-01-09 CZE Žabiny's Eva Vítečková was voted the third best european basketball player for 2005. Evča Němcová, who won in 1996, finished 6th and another Brno and national team leader Hanka Machová was 11th. Congratulations!!!
"K vítězství Wautersové se nechci vyjadřovat, domnívám se, že v Evropě byly lepší hráčky. Cením si ale výsledku českých hráček," řekl Jan Bobrovský.

06-01-08 SWE Lina Andersson won the world cup classic sprint in Otepaeae. Virpi Kuitunen was 4th, Marit Bjørgen 5th and Emelie Oehrstig 8th. Anna Dahlberg finished way behind on the 20th spot.

06-01-07 Erestor has reached place 100 in the Czech go rating. With 1269 points I'm now european 9k.

06-01-07 CZE Lukáš Bauer finished at the runner-up place again, beaten only by Russian V. Rotchev, by 0.5 seconds in the 15km classic cross-country skiing race in Otepaeae.

06-01-07 NOR 41-year old Hilde Pedersen of Norway won her first world cup event in Otepaeae (EST), beating K. Smigun, J. Kowalczyk and M. Bjørgen in 10km classic cross-country skiing race. Virpi Kuitunen was 6th, Aino Kaisa Saarinen 9th. Kamila Rajdlová finished 16th with a solid performance.

06-01-06 CZE FIN Jakub Janda and Janne Ahonen are the first ski jumpers to win the Four hills tour together.

06-01-04 wishes you a very good new year.

05-12-16 Beer section added to voting.

05-12-15 U.S.A.F. announces F-22A Raptor, its newest aircraft, as "certified ready for operational use". More...

05-12-15 Two new sections added to voting.

05-12-14 Manchester Utd. - Wigan 4-0.

05-12-14 Schio - Žabiny 69:74

05-12-14 Manchester Utd. - Wigan 2-0 (half time).

05-12-11 Žabiny - Slovanka 130:33. "Děvčata si zahrála s chutí," konstatoval trenér Jan Bobrovský.

05-12-07 Žabiny - Gdyně 94:60

05-12-04 Whist 8.1.5 is out

05-11-30 Šoproň - Žabiny 94:92

05-11-27 Yokozuna Asashoryu became the first wrestler in sumo history to win seven tournaments in a row. Sekiwake Kotooshu posted a solid 11-4 record, bidding for ozeki promotion.

05-11-23 Žabiny - Bourges 72:58. Hanka Machová led the scorers with 16 points to pose a reassuring victory over the French team.

05-11-16 Phil Collins gave a great performance tonight at Dublin's legendary stage The Point. This was his second consecutive night in Dublin which he had to add after the tickets for the first one had vanished instantly.
To the surprise of the audience, Collins included Invisible Touch by Genesis into his playlist, giving some ground to the speculations about the old formation's regrouping.

05-11-16 Czech republic - Norway 1:0, the Czechs go through to the World Cup 2006!!!

05-11-16 UMMC Jekatěrinburg - Žabiny 65:78

05-11-15 Ingleton photos now online.

05-11-13 At the Three Peaks go tournament in Ingleton, UK, Erestor finished with a perfect 5-0 record, accomplishing a rare feat and finally officially moving up to the single digit kyu waters.

05-11-09 Žabiny - Schio 93:67. Thx to LNK for live broadcast!

05-11-03 Gdyně - Žabiny 62:81

05-11-03 The legendary Bruin Cam Neely was introduced to the NHL Hall of Fame. More...

05-11-02 New York Islanders - Boston Bruins 4:3 OT

05-10-31 Panda and Tapir successfully finished the Dublin Marathon.

05-10-29 Sandra Le Dréan scored 16 points in USVO's victory over Dynamo Moskva 73:64.

05-10-26 Žabiny - Šoproň 96:71. Thx to LNK for live broadcast.

05-10-24 Tarja Turunen, the Nightwish vocalist, received an open letter from Tuomas stating that she is no longer part of the band. More...

05-10-24 Phil Collins postpones his Prague concert

05-10-23 Žabiny - Olomouc 110:25

05-10-22 Svátek má Sabina

05-10-16 Samara beat Žabiny 71-60, again at home. AŽ PŘIJEDOU NA ROSŇU, NEBUDOU SE STAČIT DIVIT! Thanks FIBA for wonderful decisions and perhaps the olympic tournament could be relocated from Beijing to Samara. What do you think?

05-10-15 The Invincible Žabiny made their world league semifinal match against Beijing look easy as they marched to overwhelming victory 97:76.
"Měli jsme sice poněkud rozpačitý začátek, ve druhé čtvrtině jsme se ale soupeřkám vzdálili a získali rozhodující náskok. Ocenil bych zejména náš kvalitní výkon v obraně a dařilo se nám i v útočné činnosti," dodal trenér Brňanek Jan Bobrovský.

05-10-15 Valosun Brno - USK Praha 57:104

05-10-14 Florida Panthers - Boston Bruins 2:5

05-10-13 The Untouchables, Žabiny, defeated Cuban Havana today 83:62 to win their group without a scratch. Good luck in the playoffs!
"Pod hlavičkou Havany startuje v Samaře kubánská reprezentace, která vyhrála Panamerické hry. V první čtvrtině jsme také měli se soupeřkami problémy. Tým Havany v úvodu uplatňoval v podkošových soubojích svou výškovou převahu. Ve druhé čtvrtině se nám už dařilo i v podkošových soubojích a hlavní naší zbraní byly rychlé protiútoky," dodal trenér Bobrovský.

05-10-12 Žabiny made Korean Soul look like Slovanka (no offence meant) when they stormed past them 95:40. Romana Hejdová scored 4 points, Jana Veselá and Zuzka Žirková were the top scorers with 15.

05-10-12 Oh, forgot to thank FIBA that World League is held in Samara. This famous city has hosted three of last four big women basketball events. We all hope for more!

05-10-11 Žabiny beat Jekaterinburg 94:62 to enter the World League in great style.
"Tak jednoznačný vstup do turnaje jsem nečekal. Předčily jsme Jekatěrinburg nejen kondičně, ale i herní přesností. Celý tým podal bezchybný výkon," uvedl trenér Brňanek Jan Bobrovský.

05-10-09 Slovanka - Žabiny 41:127

05-10-05 Trutnov - Žabiny 50:108

05-09-25 At Kiseido September Basho, Erestor finished at 14th place of 32 with a steady 2-2 record, first improving to 2-1. Then, facing a much stronger opponent (about 1k) in the last round, he resigned about half-way to yose, with his head held high, being about 15 points behind after a solid game. Snowmen 2d was the winner of the American-European division.

05-09-25 Yokozuna Asashoryu confirmed his exceptional position in contemporary sumo as he clinched his sixth title in a row, tying historic record. Both Kotooshu and Asashoryu won their matches today and both stood at 13-2, heading to the playoffs. However, Asashoryu gave the Bulgarian no chance and quickly disposed of him, burying his title hopes. Kotooshu and maegashira-16 Kisenosato (12-3) were both given the Kanto-sho (Fighting Spirit Prize).

05-09-24 After Day 1 of the Kiseido September Tournament, Erestor 7k is tied for 13th place of 44 with an uninteresting 1-1 record, having bounced back with a win by resignation after a 10.5 point loss in Game 1.

05-09-24 Upřesnění: Machča přišel, pouštění se koná.

05-09-24 Pouštění draka bylo odloženo pro neúčast Machči s drakem. Jak brněnské...

05-09-24 Sekiwake Kotooshu suffered a second defeat in a row and stands now at 12-2. Kisenosato who pushed him out with oshidashi kept his title hopes alive and is 11-3. Asashoryu seems confident as he is now tied with Kotooshu at 12-2 after a victory over Chiyotaikai (10-4).

05-09-23 Yokozuna Asashoryu overpowered Kotooshu on the 13th day of the tournament to close the gap to 1 victory! The last two days are going to be very exciting! Can the young bulgarian sekiwake bring the Emperor's Cup to Europe for the first time in history or will Asashoryu clinch 6th title in the row, tying legendary yokozuna Taiho's feat?

05-09-12 Sekiwake Kotooshu is looking strong at Hon Basho, still maintaining unblemished 12-0 record, while yokozuna Asashoryu is already two off the pace at 10-2 after shock defeat from maegashira-5 Aminishiki. Ozeki Chiyotaikai who was in kadoban prior to this tournament stands at solid 9-3, having saved hiz ozeki status. More...

05-09-19 In Sumo's Hon Basho at Tokyo's Ryogoku Tokugikan, Bulgarian sekiwake Kotooshu is in the lead with a perfect 9-0 record, the sole yokozuna Asashoryu is one win off the pace with 8-1, as is rank-and-filer Maegashira-16 Kisenosato. Ozeki Kaio and sekiwake Wakanosato already retired from the 15-day meet with injuries.

05-09-17 Euro Basket Women Championship Division B in Dublin: Ireland - Sweden 53:69.'s players of the match: Sweden: Maria Näsström with 16 points, Ireland: Michelle Aspell with 15 points.
The Swedes sang their national anthem as became their custom after last year's match with Ireland in Sweden, where audio suddenly went silent. photos...

sverige damlandslaget

05-09-14 Iva Večeřová, the Czech Golden Squad's forward, underwent a cruciate ligament surgery today in Brno and will miss half of the upcoming season. We wish her a lot of psychic strength into the long rehab process!

05-09-12 Tapir and Panda to participate in the Dublin Marathon 2005

05-09-11 WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! Our godlike girls defeated Russia in the finals of the 2005 European Women Basketball Championship 72:70 and became immortal as the first champions in the history of the Czech republic. 4 Jana Veselá, 5 Iva Večeřová, 6 Eva Němcová, 7 Michala Hartigová, 8 Michaela Uhrová, 9 Hana Machová, 10 Markéta Mokrošová, 11 Michaela Pavlíčková, 12 Irena Borecká, 13 Petra Kulichová, 14 Zuzana Klimešová, 15 Eva Vítečková.
Eva Němcová scored a 3-pointer with 7 seconds left on the game to put our national team 1 point ahead, reminding of no other than Michael Jordan. One more free throw then wrapped up the victory.
"V té chvíli jsem si tíhu okamžiku neuvědomovala. Teprve po té úspěšné střele, když jsme získaly jednobodový náskok, jsem se rozklepala. Trenér mi řekl, aby šla vyhazovat míč z autu. Já dostala strach a přiznala, že to nezvládnu. Nechtěla jsem výsledek pokazit," uvedla Němcová.

05-09-10 Mission accomplished?
Our heavenly girls didn't give Spain a chance and were in control for the whole match in today's win 76:66, which of course means the great finals tomorrow will see the Czech girls once again try to clinch the title and beat... Russia, the traditional foe. Valdemoro scored 26 and had 7 rebounds for Spain, our scorers were as follows: Hanka Machová 18 (together with 8 rebounds), Míša Pavlíčková 15, Evča Vítečková 13, Janča Veselá 9 (who added 9 rebounds and 3 assists), Evča Němcová 8, Míša Uhrová with a good game 7 (and 3 assists), Ivča Večeřová 4 and Petra Kulichová 2.
EuroBasket Women

05-09-09 The semifinal line-ups are as follows: Lithuania plays Russia tomorrow at 17:15, the Czech republic plays Spain (AGAIN!) tomorrow at 19:30. All the best to the girls and Bobr!
EuroBasket Women

05-09-09 Our wonderful, beautiful, scintillating girls have won their quarter-final game of the Women Basketball European World Championships over Turkey, 86:60. Evča Němcová was the best shooter with 20 points, Evča Vítečková was only 1 behind with 19 and Iva Večeřová had a good game AT LAST IVČO with 12 points. As a Czech fan I join the community of those who question the management of the Czech TV - WHY DON'T YOU BROADCAST THE MATCHES!? (As a Czech living in Dublin I don't question the Irish TV though...) If anyone knows where to watch semifinals and finals over the Internet please let me know at Jestli někdo ví, kde se můžu podívat na semifinále a finále na Internetu, napište mi prosím na Dík!
In other games, France was defeated by Russia 56:70, with Sandra Le Dréan only scoring 4 points.

05-09-07 With today's victory 76:45 over Latvia, our wonderful girls finished the group unbeaten and will head into quarterfinals as favorites. The best scorer Eva Vítečková poured in 18 points, Eva Němcová 6.
"Jsem rád, že se nám podařilo navázat v posledním utkání ve skupině na náš výkon z prvního zápasu s Francií. Dařilo se nám hlavně doskakování a přehrály jsme soupeřky i rychlostí," řekl po zápase spokojený český trenér Jan Bobrovský.

05-09-06 Sandra Le Dréan was the main driving force in France's victory over Poland 83:63 with 20 points!
sandra le dréan

05-09-06 Our girls are rolling on, today with a relatively easy win over Germany 76:50. Míša Uhrová scored 11 points (all in a row!), Evča Němcová 6 and the top scorer was no other that Eva Vítečková with 16.
"Pochopitelně jsme toto vítězství očekávali, ovšem náš výkon nebyl nijak oslnivý," řekl trenér Bobrovský.
jan bobrovský

05-09-04 Sandra Le Dréan scored 10 points in France's victory over Latvia 67-50.
sandra le dréan

05-09-04 In their third game at the EC, the Czech girls defeated Greece 61:54 only after a solid performance in the last period. Míša Pavlíčová was the top scorer with 14, Evča Němcová plunged in 10 points.
"Známe se dokonale. Jenže tentokrát proti nám vytáhl řecký trenér taktiku antibasketbalu, na kterou jsme nebyli připraveni. Kdybychom stříleli přesněji, tak jsme měli zápas mnohem dříve ve své režii," řekl trenér Bobrovský.
míša pavlíčková

05-09-03 The attendance of 250 shows Turkey was another good choice from the European Women Basketball Association bureaucrats. Vivat! Another Euroleague finals in Samara please!

05-09-03 The Czech girls beat Poland as well, 64:47, and their entrance to the EC is magnificent. Eva Vítečková scored three 3-pointers to put the team to the decisive lead. Evča Němcová scored 11 and Míša Pavlíčková was the best shooter with 16 points.
"Ve druhém poločase byl náš výkon lepší, ale navzdory vítězství jsme stříleli hodně nepřesně," řekl trenér Bobrovský.
Traditional leader Agnieszka Bibrzycka scored 13 for Poland.

05-09-03 Sandra Le Dréan scored 14 points in France's victory 71:56 over Greece.

05-09-02 Czech women national basketball team entered the european championship with a decisive victory 65:45 over France. Evča Vítečková scored 14 points to be the best shooter, Hanka Machová scored only 2 less.
"Věděli jsme, že nás čeká utkání obran. Na souboj s Francií jsme se dokonale připravili. S výsledkem jsem velmi spokojen, neboť každý den se neporáží Francie tak velkým rozdílem. Nerad bych ale vítězství přeceňoval, ještě nás čeká hodně zápasů," uvedl trenér českých basketbalistek Jan Bobrovský.
Sandra LeDréan scored 6 points for France and Eva Němcová 9 for the Czech republic.

05-08-08 Bergqvist even tried for the world record and was close, but Stefka Kostadinova remains the woman to have jumped the highest. She jumped 2.09 in Rome, 1987.

05-08-08 Kajsa Bergqvist, after being set back by various injuries, is back in form and wins the high jump competition in Helsinki! Chaunte Howard of USA takes silver, bronze goes to yet another Swede Emma Green.

05-08-08 Amy Acuff finishes 8th in the high jump competition after a disappointing 1.89 performance. ;-(

05-08-08 Irish TV is absolutely ignorant of Helsinki World Championship. Which sure pisses a few people off. Go Amy go, heja heja Kajsa!

05-08-07 Swedish miracle girl Carolina Klüft defends the heptathlon world title, beating Eunice Barber of France. Kelly Sotherton who finished 3rd in the last olympic competition took 5th place. Kluft

05-08-06 Athletics World Championship begins in Helsinki, Finland.

05-07-30 Czech forester Stanislav Frühauf celebrates his 50th birthday tomorrow. Congratulations!

05-07-24 Panda returns from Japan, having experienced the worst earthquake in thirteen years unharmed.

05-07-22 By the way the Brno man in Dublin has ADSL now so the news might get updated a little more often. Thanks for staying with us!

05-07-21 Šuny takes picture of a Japanese girl practicing karate.

05-07-20 James Doohan, or Scotty from Enterprise, dies at the age of 85. Rest in peace and may you boldly go where no man has gone before...

05-07-10 Still no news from Panda in Japan, alien abduction possible.

05-07-09 Panda leaves for Japan.

05-06-04 A poor GREEK referee performance left Ireland wondering how could they have not won today's football world cup qualifying match against Israel at Lansdowne Road. Final score was 2:2.

05-05-25 FC Liverpool defeated AC Milan in the European Champions' League finals to claim the european title for the fifth time after being down 3-0 in half-time. The Reds finished 5th in Premiership this year, outside Champions' League qualifying places, so UEFA will rule if they are allowed to defend their title. The meeting will be held on 17th June in Manchester. According to back-stage information there is a serious chance that Liverpool will be allowed in.

05-05-24 Nějakej brňák má prej práci v Irsku.

05-05-22 Ing. Jan Šunka has become immortal today, finishing the Prague Marathon, his first marathon, under four and a half hours. Praise him! Šuny děkujem a gratulujem!!!

05-05-15 WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!! Holky z Žabin, borci z Komety, holky z KP Brno, borci z Boby, ti všichni přispěli ke zlatu na hokejovém světovém šampionátu ve Vídni 2005!!! Hoši děkujem!!!

05-04-24 Euroleague is over. Holky děkujem, opravdu.

05-04-22 Žabiny beat Pecs 71:61 in the Euroleague semifinals to advance to the finals!!!!!!!

05-04-17 Žabiny beat USK again, 110:66, claiming the Czech Cup for the 10th time in a row.

05-04-17 Šuny drives from Hintertux to Prague in 5 hours, claiming the title of new Alain Prost.

05-04-17 It rains in Dublin.

05-04-16 Erestor updates from Dublin.

05-04-14 Šuny leaves for Hintertux.

05-04-13 Žabiny - USK Praha 80:48. Žabiny are the Czech Women Basketball Champions for season 2004/05!!!

05-04-10 USK Praha - Žabiny 63:85. Žabiny lead 2-0.

05-04-08 Žabiny - USK Praha 73:61. Žabiny lead 1-0.

05-04-02 Sparta Praha - Žabiny 59:126. Žabiny advance to finals.

05-03-31 Marty Klemsa is leaving Zoner.

05-03-30 Žabiny - Sparta Praha 97:44. No 100 today?...

05-03-29 Žabiny - Sparta Praha 120:45. What's 'Sparta', I never heard of it...

05-03-29 Final Four je v Samaře. Funkcionáři FIBA, jděte se vysrat.

05-03-26 Žabiny - Slovanka 111:40, Žabiny advance to league semi-final.

05-03-25 Žabiny - Slovanka 106:29

05-03-24 Žabiny!!! Žabiny!!! Žabiny!!! Žabiny!!! Žabiny!!! Žabiny!!! Žabiny!!! Žabiny!!! Žabiny!!! Žabiny!!! Žabiny!!! Žabiny!!! Žabiny beat Gdyně in series tiebreaker in Brno 62:52 to advance to the Final Four of this year's european women basketball league.

05-03-20 Žabiny - Trutnov 111:50

05-03-19 Russia's Irina Slutskaya prevailed at home World Figure Skating Championship in Moscow ahead of United States' Sasha Cohen and Carolina Kostner of Italy. Finland's Susanna Poykio was 8th. The Japanese trio Fumie Suguri, Miki Ando and Shizuka Arakawa took 5th, 6th and 9th places respectively. American Michelle Kwan took unpleasing fourth. Sarah Meier of Switzerland finished 14th.

05-03-19 The Invincible Marit took the last season's race - 15km skiatlon in Falun - ahead of Katka Neumannová and Julija Tchepalova. Evi Sachenbacher finished fourth and Virpi Kuitunen 9th.

05-03-16 Norway's invincible Marit Bjørgen won the world cup sprint in Göteborg ahead of Finnish duo Aino Kaisa Saarinen and Virpi Kuitunen.

05-03-15 Žabiny won the first game of european league quarterfinals against Lotos Gdyne 66:63 after Zuzka Žirková scored a three-pointer with 1.2 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Reminding of Michael Jordan, she wrapped up the thrilling game in style after an assist from Jana Veselá. The crowd was in extasy as the girls circled the hall with thanks on their lips and slaps on their hands. What a game!

05-03-13 Sweden's Anja Pärson won the globe for overall victory in Alpine Skiing World Cup. The small globes for slalom and giant slalom go to Tanja Poutiainen of Finland.

05-03-11 Marit Bjørgen, Katka Neumannová, Virpi Kuitunen was the trio on the podium in Holmenkollen in 30km race.

05-03-06 After reigning the competition for more than five years, Winona Ryder fell into second place in the Best Beauties contest. The new queen is the Swede blonde fairy Kajsa Bergqvist.

05-03-06 Susanna Kallur (of Sweden of course) won the 60m hurdles at the european indoor championship in Madrid ahead of her twin sister Jenny.

05-03-06 Jakub Janda finished 5th in FIS ski-jumping world cup in Lahti.

05-03-06 Lukáš Bauer won the world cup 15 km in Lahti and Martin Koukal finished fourth in the famous Vasaloppet race, having stayed only 3 seconds behind the winner.

05-03-06 Katka Neumannová finishes 2nd in 10km free race in Lahti. Only Julija Chepalova was better with Marit Bjørgen taking a weekend off. Evi Sachenbacher was 4th and Kristin Steira finished 11th.

05-03-05 Norway's Boerre Naess won the Lahti Ski Games' Men's Sprint and Sweden's Lina Andersson won the women's. The second place goes to Finland's Kirsi Vaelimaa. Another Finn Virpi Kuitunen was third and another Swede Anna Dahlberg finished fourth.

05-03-04 Sweden's Anna Dahlberg and Emelie Oehrstig are expected to arrive to Nové Město, CZ, next weekend for a leisure time cross-country skiing.

05-03-04 Swede Kajsa Bergqvist doesn't compete in Madrid. Another blonde Carolina Klüft clinched the european indoor champion title in pentathlon.

05-02-27 With standard performace Erestor achieved a kachikoshi record of 3-2 in Blansko. The second defeat came from a 5 kyu stronger opponent, by 3.5 points.

05-02-26 Erestor has a solid 2-1 record after Day 1 at the go tournament in Blansko. The only loss came in the day's third bout when Michal Daněk (8k) upset strong-looking Erestor (11k) for his second win.

05-02-25 Eva Němcová with Lavezzini Parma and Sandra Le Dréan with US Valenciennes Olympique are out of this year's women's basketball Euroleague.

05-02-25 Jakub Janda takes another bronze medal for the Czech republic at K-137 ski-jumping competition in Oberstdorf.

05-02-25 Martin Koukal and Dušan Kožíšek take the bronze medal in the team sprint in Oberstdorf!

05-02-25 Norway's Marit Bjørgen and Hilde Pedersen won the team sprint in Oberstdorf. Swedes Anna Dahlberg and Emelie Oehrstig failed to achieve a good result and Evi Sachenbacher didn't even start. Again.

05-02-23 Erestor has reached place 143 in the Czech Republic SETI standings and is now only 77 days away from jaskova.

05-02-22 Žabiny beat Lavezzini Parma in the 1/8 final of the FIBA Euroleague to take 1-0 lead in the best of 3 series. Eva Němcová is wonderful.

05-02-22 Sweden's Emelie Oehrstig beats teammate Lina Andersson to win the sprint in Oberstdorf. Canada's Sara Renner finishes third ahead of another Swede Anna Dahlberg.

05-02-22 Finland's Virpi Kuitunen wins B-finals in Oberstdorf sprint. Two teammates, including Aino Kaisa Saarinen finish 3rd and 4th.

05-02-22 Norway's Marit Bjørgen fails to qualify in Oberstdorf sprint. Evi Sachenbacher was not on the starting list.

05-02-21 Norway with Kristin Steira on 3rd and Marit Bjørgen on 4th round wins 4x5km women relay in Oberstdorf! Czech girls finish 6th after being swept by Germany and Finland near finish.

05-02-19 Jakub Janda wins silver medal at K-100 at the FIS Ski jumping world championship in Oberstdorf!

05-02-19 The internet memorial to Panda's construction in Lanškroun is now open!

05-02-17 Lukáš Bauer finishes 5th in 15km free-style at Oberstdorf FIS Cross-country World Championship

05-02-17 Kateřina Neumannová wins 10km free-style at Oberstdorf FIS Cross-country World Championship!!!

05-02-17 Erestor reached place 146 in the Czech republic SETI standings!

05-02-16 NHL season cancelled!

05-02-15 Bourque: legend continues. Chris Bourque's OT goal wins championship.

05-02-15 Karl Malone retires! NBA golden era ends...

05-02-14 Strange, today I did the job at work I supposed would take a week...

05-02-14 Still working, though I really should get some sleep

05-02-13 Šuny returned from Kitzbuhel vacation

05-02-13 Sonja Nef won her round of the slalom in the team competition in skiing world championships, Bormio, Italy

05-02-13 Continuing the hard work

05-02-12 Started working on new website design