17-04-16 CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Brno half-marathon in 1:56:36.

16-11-12 CZE CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Tollymore Trail Half-marathon in 2:04:50.

16-10-30 CZE CZE Martin Klemsa finished the SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon in 4:31:20.

15-06-06 CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Silva Nortica half-marathon in 2:09:39.

15-04-18 CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Brno half-marathon in 2:08.

14-09-27 CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Ostrava marathon in 4:38.

14-06-01 GER POL Martin Klemsa finished the Gorlitz-Zgorzelec marathon in 4:57:18.

14-04-19 CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Brno half-marathon in 2:10:26.

13-09-15 AUT Martin Klemsa finished the Wachau half-marathon in 2:28:02.

13-08-15 CZE HEART Zuzka HejnovŠ won the 400m hurdles at the Moscow IAAF World Championship! Breathtaking performance!

13-08-11 POL At the EGC 2013 Main Tournament in Olsztyn Martin Klemsa repeated the weekend 3-2 record. Karel Vaigl had kachikoshi too and was promoted to 11 kyu. Congratulations!

13-08-05 POL At the EGC 2013 Weekend Tournament in Olsztyn Martin Klemsa achieved a solid 3-2 record. Congratulations to Karel Vaigl who'll be moving up the ranks after notching an impressive 4-1!

Old Times Edition List

A |B |C |D |E |F |G |H |I |J |K |L |M |N |O |P |Q |R |S |T |U |V |W |X |Y |Z

Alex the Tall              BR    Summon Legend          Rare
All Homeless' Day          BB    Sorcery                Rare
Alud the Clear             WWW1  Summon Legend          Rare
Andy the Friend            G2    Summon Legend          Rare
Anthill                    GG1   Enchant Land           Rare
Artificial World           5     Artifact               Rare
Ashen Diamond              0     Artifact               Common
Aura of Protection         W2    Instant                Rare
Aura Warrior               W     Summon Warrior         Common

Black Hawk                 B3    Summon Bird            Common
Bottle of Wine             4     Artifact               Common

Cantrip                    RR    Sorcery                Common
Carmel the Unstable        BW    Summon Legend          Uncommon
Change of Mind             UU2   Instant                Uncommon
Clear Spells               WW2   Enchant World          Rare
Coal Mine                  ----  Land                   Rare
Coward Hero                W     Summon Hero            Common
Coward Heroine             W     Summon Heroine         Common
Crimson Tower              R2    Enchant Land           Uncommon
Critters                   R2X   Summon Critters        Uncommon
Crying of the Woods        GGG1  Enchantment            Rare

Dangerous Pools            ----  Land                   Uncommon
Darim the Wise             GR1   Summon Legend          Rare
Darkness Falls             BBB3  Sorcery                Rare
Dark Sunrise               B3    Interrupt              Uncommon
Dead Men                   B1    Summon Undead          Common
Death Cloud                B5    Sorcery                Rare
Demonic Exchange           B1    Sorcery                Uncommon
Desert Storm               W1    Instant                Uncommon
Devil Danandrute           BB2X  Summon Devil           Uncommon
Drake Mother               U4    Summon Dragon          Uncommon

Egroe the Strong           GRW1  Summon Legend          Rare
Elbereth Gilthoniel        WWW5  Summon Legend          Rare
Elemental Birthday         RX    Sorcery                Common
Elven Spirits              G2    Summon Spirits         Common
Elven Warrior              G     Summon Warrior         Common
Emerald Valley             ----  Legendary Land         Rare
Erestor the Mage           UU2   Summon Legend          Rare
Erupting Volcano           ----  Land                   Uncommon
Evil Warrior               B     Summon Warrior         Common
Extinct Species            GG2   Sorcery                Rare

Faithful Dragon            RR4   Summon Dragon          Rare
Final Word                 U     Interrupt              Uncommon
Fire Charm                 R     Instant                Common
Fire Cloud                 R5    Sorcery                Rare
Fire Warrior               R     Summon Warrior         Common
Flame Knight               R2    Summon Knight          Common
Flash of Power             UU    Enchant Creature       Common
Flesh Failures             R1    Instant                Uncommon
Flooded Land               U1    Sorcery                Rare
Fog Cloud                  U5    Sorcery                Rare
Foggy Dew                  G3    Instant                Common

Ghost Boat                 U2    Summon Ghosts          Uncommon
Giant Faeries              G3    Summon Faeries         Common
Gigantic Growth            GG3   Instant                Common
Glass of Wine              W3    Sorcery                Common
Gobish the Immune          GW    Summon Legend          Uncommon
Goblin Diplomat            0     Summon Goblin          Common
God's Dice                 W9    Sorcery                Rare
Good Morning               W1    Instant                Rare
Grass Dreams               GG3   Instant                Uncommon
Grave Digging Clan         BB1   Summon Clerics         Rare
Greater Boa                GG4   Summon Snake           Uncommon
Greenpeace                 W     Enchant Land           Common

Heavy Rainfall             G2    Instant                Uncommon
Hell Recruiter             BB2X  Summon Devil           Uncommon
Hidden Well                U1    Enchant Land           Common
Highland                   ----  Land                   Rare
Hot Heads                  R2    Enchant World          Rare
Hurricane's Eye            4     Artifact               Rare

Ice Age                    G2    Instant                Uncommon
Ihsan's Successor          B3    Summon Lord            Rare
Illusion of Night          BB3   Instant                Uncommon
Inner Enemy                U2    Summon Shade           Common
Iron Knight                3     Artifact Creature      Uncommon

Jousting Day               W2    Sorcery                Uncommon
Justice Warrior            W     Summon Warrior         Common

Knights' Graveyard         UG2   Sorcery                Uncommon

Large Meadows              G2    Enchantment            Uncommon
Lauqe Setir                G4    Summon Being           Rare
Light Charm                W     Instant                Common
Lost Faery Tale            B     Sorcery                Common
Luke the Great             GR2   Summon Legend          Rare

Mahamoti Gin               3     Artifact               Uncommon
Masterpiece                UXX   Sorcery                Rare
Meadow Stream              ----  Land                   Rare
Mike the Stout             UR    Summon Legend          Uncommon
Mind Flay                  UU2   Sorcery                Rare
Mirkwood                   ----  Land                   Rare
Mirrorland                 ----  Land                   Uncommon
Moores                     ----  Land                   Rare

Noram the Quiet            GW    Summon Legend          Rare

Pathway                    ----  Land                   Uncommon
Patriot Games              RRR1  Enchantment            Rare
Pet Griffin                W3    Summon Griffin         Uncommon
Philosophy of the Unseen   UW2   Enchant World          Rare
Phoenix Whelp              R3    Summon Phoenix         Uncommon
Poison Cloud               G5    Sorcery                Rare
Poole's Legacy             BUGRW Instant                Rare
Power Pool                 6     Artifact               Rare
Pure Lantern               3     Artifact               Uncommon

Quiet Canyon               R3    Enchant World          Rare

Raging Mammoth             GG3   Summon Mammoth         Uncommon
Ray of Help                W     Instant                Common
Return of the Living Dead  BX    Instant                Rare
Rising Isles               ----  Land                   Uncommon
Roc Egg                    RR2   Summon Egg             Uncommon
Rockatog                   4     Artifact Creature      Uncommon

Sacrificial Knife          3     Artifact               Common
Serra Guardian             WW3   Summon Guardian        Uncommon
Setting Sun                W3    Interrupt              Uncommon
Sid the Bard               RW    Summon Legend          Uncommon
Sield the Quick            UW    Summon Legend          Rare
Silence                    UUU1  Enchantment            Rare
Sky Without Clouds         W5    Sorcery                Rare
Snowstorm                  GG1   Sorcery                Rare
Sound of Silence           B2    Sorcery                Common
Spreading Woods            ----  Land                   Uncommon
Stone Lizard               GR2   Summon Lizard          Uncommon
Storm of Thousand Devils   BR3   Instant                Uncommon
Storm Strike               R1    Instant                Common
Stormy Weather             R4    Legendary Enchantment  Uncommon
Suq'Ata Pikemen            R     Summon Soldiers        Common
Svyelunite Guard           UU3   Summon Merfolk         Uncommon
Svyelunite Templars        U     Summon Merfolk         Common

Thicket Charm              G     Instant                Common
Thing from Hell            9     Artifact Creature      Rare
Thunderstorm               RR    Sorcery                Rare
Time Loss                  UU3   Sorcery                Uncommon
Traitor                    WW    Summon Soldier         Common
Two-headed Dragon          RR3   Summon Dragon          Uncommon

Uncalled-for Help          W     Instant                Uncommon
Undead Askari              B     Summon Knight          Uncommon
Undeveloped Muscles        UX    Interrupt              Uncommon
Unforgettable Journey      U1    Enchant Creature       Common
Unnatural Selection        BB1   Sorcery                Uncommon
Unyaro Bees                G1    Summon Insects         Common
Urlagha, Master of Locks   R1    Summon Goblin          Rare
Vapor Charm                U     Instant                Common
Vizier's Dish              B     Sorcery                Common

Vodalian Alchemist         U2    Summon Alchemist       Rare

Wall of Trees              GX    Summon Wall            Common
Wanda the Untouchable      0     Summon Legend          Uncommon
War Credit                 BBB1  Enchant World          Rare
Waterfall                  ----  Land                   Rare
Water-lily Dragon          G1    Summon Dragon          Uncommon
Wisp Charm                 B     Mana Source            Common
Witty Drake                U1    Summon Drake           Common

Zombie Hordes              B5    Summon Zombies         Common