SETI stats

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14-06-01 GER POL Martin Klemsa finished the Gorlitz-Zgorzelec marathon in 4:57:18.

14-04-19 CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Brno half-marathon in 2:10:26.

13-09-15 AUT Martin Klemsa finished the Wachau half-marathon in 2:28:02.

13-08-15 CZE HEART Zuzka Hejnová won the 400m hurdles at the Moscow IAAF World Championship! Breathtaking performance!

13-08-11 POL At the EGC 2013 Main Tournament in Olsztyn Martin Klemsa repeated the weekend 3-2 record. Karel Vaigl had kachikoshi too and was promoted to 11 kyu. Congratulations!

13-08-05 POL At the EGC 2013 Weekend Tournament in Olsztyn Martin Klemsa achieved a solid 3-2 record. Congratulations to Karel Vaigl who'll be moving up the ranks after notching an impressive 4-1!

12-08-09 CZE HEART Bára Špotáková defended her olympic title in javelin!!! And made it look easy. Big cheers!

12-08-08 CZE HEART Zuzka Hejnová took the olympics bronze medal in the 400m hurdles in London! Amazing performace, keep it up!

12-08-04 GER Jessica Ennis won the heptathlon olympic gold in London! Congratulations!

12-08-04 GER At the second week of the EGC 2012 Main Tournament in Bonn Martin Klemsa achieved another disappointing 2-3 makekoshi record and will be moving down the ranks.

12-07-29 GER At the EGC 2012 Weekend Tournament in Bonn Martin Klemsa achieved a mediocre makekoshi 2-3 record.