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The Unofficial Drinking game of the X-Files

It's an easy game. All you need to play is a can (or glass) of your favorite
beverage (if it's a beer, you tend to have more fun with the game) and a TV.
Just watch  an episode of the  greatest show ever created,  The X-Files, and
when  you see  one of  the following  occurrences, drink  that much  of your

One Drink: These are the ones that are going to happen at least once:

1. Every time Scully is seen examining internal organs of some corpse.
2. If  Mulder or Scully is  in a dark scary  place and one of  them drops or
   loses their flashlight.
3. Every  time Mulder or Scully  calls each other on  the cellular phone and
   the first thing the other says is, "Where are you?"
4. Whenever  Mulder or Scully get  into a fight and  manages to lose his/her
5. Every  time a flashlight,  that is so  bright that it  must require a car
   battery, is used in a totally dark room.
6. If  Mulder  mentions  that  something  could  be  paranormal and another
   character thinks he's joking.
7. If Mulder  just happens to know some obscure  case reference or fact that
   just happens  to be similar to  the case that they  are working on. (Take
   3 if Scully says it)
8. Anytime anyone  goes into a dark and  scary place and it is  obvious that
   they should NOT be there.
9. Every time Scully misses proof of a paranormal event.
10. Any  time  Scully  calls   a  connection  between  two  things  "Purely
   circumstantial" when  the connection is so  obvious it would have  to hit
   her in the face and start to wiggle to be any more obvious.
11. Any time when Mulder and Scully  split up and Scully goes somewhere that
   the  paranormal event  ISN'T, so  that  she  misses the  whole thing  and
   doesn't believe Mulder  when he tells her about it  (drink the whole damn
   thing if she DOES witness it).
12. Whenever Mulder just happens to notice some minute detail that will have
   a direct impact on the case later in the episode.

Two drinks: These are not so common, but  at least one of them will be found
in each episode:

1. Whenever Cancer Man is smoking around a visible non-smoking sign.
2. Every time  a mysterious character shows up  at the end of an  episode to
   keep Mulder from learning the truth.
3. Every time someone knows about  Mulder's sister, but won't tell him about
4. If  a computer or  other piece of  electronics is used  to "bring out" or
   enhance an image from something that M or S has found.
5. If you  see the numbers 11/21, which correspond  to the birthday of Chris
   Carter's wife.
6. Every  time a reference  is made to  Mulder's obsession with  porn. (Yes,
   it's there, you just have to watch for it.)
7. Whenever Mulder is called "Fox."
8. Every time Cancer Man lights a cigarette.
9. Every time Mulder mentions his sister's abduction.
10. Whenever  Mulder runs off and  leaves Scully to get  attacked just so he
   can save the day.
11. Whenever Mulder is seen with sunflower seeds.

Three  Drinks: This  aren't very  common either,  but there's  a good chance
you'll see one:

1. Whenever Mulder is called "Spooky Mulder."
2. Every time Deep Throat or Mr. X is called.
3. If Mulder is seen actually looking at porn.
4. If M or S gets in a  fight, loses gun, and wins fight without the other's

Four Drinks: These are not very likely to happen at all, but they might...:

1. If they ever drive a car other than a Ford Taurus.
2. Whenever someone gets sick during an autopsy.
3. If Mulder or Scully is seen  wearing anything other than a business suit.
   (double if it's underwear)
4. Any time Scully is seen driving a car. (double if she's by herself)

Whole drink!

Now these, on the other hand are rare, but fun when they happen:

1. If the credits say something other than "The Truth Is Out There."
2. If Scully believes that something is paranormal and Mulder doesn't.
3. Any time either Mulder or Scully have a date. (NO, NOT WITH EACH OTHER!!)
4. If Skinner is seen anywhere outside of FBI headquarters.


If  Scully and  Mulder ever  engage  in  any act  of romance,  affection, or
anything else that will just ruin the  show (No, the episode where they hold
hands at the end doesn't count! It's just a way of showing support).