19-06-01 CZE SWE Martin Klemsa finished the Stockholm marathon in 4:00:26.

17-04-16 CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Brno half-marathon in 1:56:36.

16-11-12 CZE CZE Martin Klemsa finished the Tollymore Trail Half-marathon in 2:04:50.

16-10-30 CZE CZE Martin Klemsa finished the SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon in 4:31:20.

14/02/2006, Ice Hockey Women, Olympic Games, Torino

Finland - USA 3:7 (2:1, 1:1, 0:5)

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End of game, the result still good for Finland against 100% favorites
FIN 19:30 Penalty, Emma Laaksonen, tripping
USA 17:50 Penalty, Caitlin Cahow, interference
USA 15:35 GOAL Angela Ruggiero 3:7
USA Penalty, Kelly Stephens, tripping
USA 12:16 GOAL Krissy Wendel 3:6, sliced through defence to score, US exhibition starts
USA 11:00 GOAL Natalie Darwitz 3:5, it's all decided now
USA 10:16 GOAL Angela Ruggiero 3:4
4 on 4
FIN Penalty, Heidi Pelttari, FIN pp 4 on 3
USA Penalty, delaying the game, FIN 2-men adv.
USA 7:02 Penalty, Helen Resor, interference
FIN 4:05 Penalty, Emma Laaksonen
USA They lead the shots on goal 21:13.
USA The Americans seem in control now, skating faster and not allowing a single attack for Finland.
USA FIN Mutual penalty, 4 on 4
USA 1:20 GOAL Katie King 3:3, clean slapshot, video-ref consultation... goal OK
Period 3 starts
End of period 2
USA 19:10 Penalty Kim Insalaco, FIN pp
USA 18:54 GOAL Sarah Parsons 3:2, clean slapshot, full strength
USA More and more shots on Maija as US pressure grows
FIN 16:47 Penalty, Emma Laaksonen, body-checking
USA Great pressure on Finnish goal, Maija and the defence still holding on to two-goal lead
FIN 12:01 pp GOOOOAL Kati Kovalainen 3:1, slapshot, FIN pp
USA 11:45 Penalty, Tricia Dunn Luoma 2 min + 10, checking from behind, FIN 2-men adv.
USA 10:51 Penalty, Kelly Stephens, hooking, FIN power play
FIN 8:52 Penalty, Karoliina Rantamaki, hooking, 4 on 4
USA 7:15 Penalty, Helen Resor, body-checking
7:02 Full strength
FIN 6:08 Great save by Maija
FIN Penalty, 4 on 4
USA 4:30 Penalty, Molly Engstrom, holding
USA Good chance in power play
FIN 2:18 Penalty, Sari Fisk, 2 min, hooking
Period 2 starts
End of period 1
USA Great pressure applied at the end of period but no score change
USA Wendel shot saved by Maija Hassinen
FIN 16:15 Power play
FIN Emma Laaksonen goal (2:1)
Period 1 starts